But speaking of riding ;)

We should all blow our noses.  Clear ’em out.  Why don’t we do it in our sleeves? You will find yourself thinking so much more creatively with all that extra oxygen.

I was contemplating marketing strategies coming in.  Cycling has become mainstream enough to ooze its way into advertising already, even if it’s given marginal status (the struggles of waiting for your car insurance, or that totally car-centric thing about the kid who rides by a beatup car on a bike and works all summer and spends gobs of money at the car parts store fixing it so he doesn’t have to, ugh, ride a bike).  The market is ready. Cycling can be propelled into a status symbol.    I was bein’ a regular Elizabeth Montgomery cruising in, like unto those episodes of “Bewitched” where after Mr. Tate sees whatever bizarre demonstration of witchcraft the plot has produced, Our Heroine explains it all with a spontaneous “ad campaign” for the product.  To wit:  “Cycling goes Viral!”  aimed at the techie crowd…  cycling as the “ultimate convertible experience.”  Trek had “women’s nights” to grab that market – so, if they’re actually sincere about the suburban/urban market, how about “errand-runner nights” where we can have wine and cheese and get product demonstrations and “how-to” sessions.

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