Dropped off the car  at Enterprise and turned down the “can we drop you off somewhere offer” and took off on the Dahon… and it had NO TROUBLE going in.  I thought those wide tires were dreams even when there was that stuff called ice under me.  ( I didn’t  *turn* or anything for those stretches.)
Going home, on the other hand, was a different story.  I was nervous because there’s almost a hill on the campus drive, and, um, braking doesn’t mean anything on ice, and it was just plain ice.  (Not as slippery as That Christmas Night y’ars ago … but patches were.)  Then going up it there was an irregular spot and whoosh!  I slid out and that front wheel just horizontalized itself.  Just like Howard, I went down on my side and smacked the helmet, tho’ I think that swimming training worked in my favor again ’cause I did a theatrical slap with the flat of my hand, too… so no road rash, and not even much of ouch on my hip and I could bounce back up.  I commenced to walking and turned down the next driver by’s offer of a ride… but the next one was a math teacher I know and I was beginning to realize things weren’t improving.  Another driver let me know that one of my blinkies had fallen off and somebody had stopped and picked it up… and while we were folding the bike into the trunk, that person stopped (I couldn’t tell who it was in the dark, but he knew me) and handed it off.

We didn’t go home the way I would have but I’m reasonably sure I’d have been walking an awful lot of my route. The Gazelle would have handled it easily, I suspect, but the bike coop doesn’t open ’til Wednesday and it could be nasty by then again.

This morning I picked up a sponge and put it in my pocket – hip padding – but didn’t need it.  Roads very much better; it was just a thin layer, so it vaporized in the night.

Oddly, my driveway and concrete between house and garage were pretty devoid of snow, as if somebody had plowed – but I think the surface difference was exactly enough to mean everything stuck on the grass and nothing stuck on the concrete.  It even seemed riding in that concrete was less snowy than asphalt but that could have been an optical illusion since white shows up more on black, d’uh 😉 I’d have thunk the black absorbed heat better, etc…

Going home a little earlier tonight, but still after dark.  Welp, there’s that nice bus stop at the bottom of the hill… folders go nicely on busses, too. I’ll get my studs back soon…

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