Stop sign removal

Made another visit to bikeportland and found this story about a stop sign that is being removed.  Per comments … the pictured signwith a leetle stop sign part and a mess of red text saying that “bicyclists must follow stop signs and traffic directions”   was the home-made one that also got removed (the story wasn’t clear and I don’t know how to edit the caption on the picture)… Seems that they got complaints and actually set up video cameras and ascertained that yes, there was shocking non-compliance with the stop sign but no, bad things didn’t happen as a result and that therefore, the stop sign should come down.

What an incredible precedent.

stop sign being removed

stop sign being removed

3 responses to “Stop sign removal

  1. I think you’ve seen Warren T’s stop sign and red light videos, haven’t you?

    Por ejample

  2. Must pass this on to the traffic engineer

  3. Sioux that sign was not the one removed but one that had been illegally been put up by a nearby construction company over the summer and taken down two weeks later. PDOT did a hidden camera study and discovered that most people were ignoring the stop sign, and records showed there hadn’t been any crashes at that intersection in years despite people ignoring the sign constantly…

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