rail trail MD

I decided to scoot back from Baltimore Saturday so I could avoid the sloppy weather.  It prob’ly wasn’t too sloppy, but I figured the Sunday after T-day, everybody and her sister would be driving so all it would take would be one oopsie adn I’d sit for hours (though I had my usual handy supply of books, just in case, because of my Aversion to Being Stuck Somewhere with Nothing To Do). I couldn’t resist the signs for MD Rail-Trail and ducked off the road, even tho’ the sign said “8 miles,” which meant passing easily 50 trucks on the side of the road ’cause it’s a huge hunting day. I was glad I had my orange helmet cover, ’cause I didn’t have real bike stuff handy.

It’s a sweet trail (at least the 9 miles at the west end where I was); fully paved, well kept up with lots of descriptions of local landmarks. There were  other folks: parental-type units with a child, an “older couple” and two single riders. It was 40-something so the fact that my gloves were nowhere to be seen was only uncomfortable for a few minutes (and that other single rider didn’t have ’em either 🙂 ).  Turns out I left ’em at Enterprise.

The rental is a cute red sporty thing so I figured I’d have to watch my speed more carefully, but now I understand that newspaper article about the guys who go for super-hgih mileage.  When the dashboard calculates it as you drive, a person could get inspired.  THanks to holiday traffic and a stiff tailwind I kept it over 40 mpg from the Continental Divide to here.

It’s Advent 🙂 I’m endeavoring to be prepared (No, not per Tom Lehrer…)

This a.m. the snow greeted me and I instantly realized that I really didn’t need a new bolt (nut?)  for the front wheel of the Gazelle – that, whereas I don’t ride two bikes at a time unless it’s the Xtra and the Folder, I could borrow one.  Alas, though, the Gazelle is at the bike coop and nobody went there this weekend that I know of. I don’t even know what it’s called but it has a nice Gazelle on it, except it’s on the Xtra beause the one that had the SA for Sturmey-Archer went missing for that. Perhaps on the floor of the garage.

My camera manifest itself this morning – I have finally gotten accustomed enough to it to miss it (such as on the rail trail), tho’ it still takes a lot for me to actually get it out and use it.

I figured out how to do INternet on the Blackberry (when I went by the kiosk to let ’em scan my driver’s license 😉 ) and it’s extra sweet to be able to access email and internet from Wherever, even if I do not ever want to type with it. I’m just a qwerty kind of girl. (And wherever doesn’t include everywhere, such as the mountains.)

Tomorrow it’s bringing the car back first thing (and getting my gloves) and seeing how those fat dahon tyres do on whatever is on the roads. If I were ambitious I’d switch tires to the fatter ones it came with, but such projects always take me much longer than they should and I”m still, um, right now, um, catching up on housekeeping (hence the long, procrastinatory post 😉 😛 ).

Tomorrow is a new month!

One response to “rail trail MD

  1. So, if I deciphered this correctly, you found your camera.
    But STILL no picture of you in your sporty red car before you took it back?! Tsk tsk….

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