Almost holidays

Tomorrow will be a driving day. I replaced my driver’s license today, being as it’s been AWOL for about 8 weeks.  It’s not like when my whole wallet was for … welp, enough time so that I felt a very small solidarity with undocumented citizens, since I had no ATM card and no ID for cashing checks so I had to be fairly creative about paying for the necessities of life.

It was relatively painless; the hoarse lady was impressed that I rode my bike to work regularly; the usual “that’s why you’re so thin!”  (which, by the way,  I’m not – honestly I can’t really use either the beer belly or the wine rack (PG-13) as my hydration devices… but as the t-shirt says “I’m not fat, I’m American!).  I called out the numbers for her 😉

Bikejournal is back – I mean the whole thing and the forum too.  It’s *hard* to develop an online community.   Three weeks off… and folks are back.  LUrkers post “I didn’t realize how much I missed it!”  I missed it right away but was still surprised at how glad I was when it was back. Snork.


2 responses to “Almost holidays

  1. And now, 30 November as of 11 a.m., it is gone again.

    Lots of us continue to play on Facebook, however. We all use our REAL names there, though. No Howard. No Pansy. No SuperNana.

  2. Good heavens, I’d have to remember names!
    Not sure I can get to Facebook from the work ‘puter, tho’ I can get ’em to change it…

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