Bicycle Billboard – not the only reference to bicycle billboards.  Hmmm… so bikes *can* pollute – visually…

Took Gazelle to bike coop and put tube in the studded tyre and put it back on the bike.  (Swiped the tube for the Xtra when I kept killing tubes trying to get the silly Hard Case tire on the rim and learning that it’s better *not* to partially in flate the tube for that particular rim and wheel combo.)  Took an hour or two to get it done, between putting up the “twinkle tree” that I got at Meijer – no picture online that I can find.  It’s basically *just* the LED lights on slightly stiff wire so you can spread it out a little like a tree… *very* like that pathetic one in Charlie Brown Christmas.  The on switch is on the bottom, so taping it to the snapdeck wouldn’t work… so I took an old tube and used that to lash it down, and then realized that gosh, I could stick ornament hooks right into that tube and hang stuff on it.  No, I haven’t figured out how to turn the flash off on the camera even to attempt to take pcitures of lights but I’ll see what I can do when I have found some.  I found the big pink Christmas tree, but may forego getting out the floral wire and lashing that big boy down.  Might try to fashion a dove instead.

One response to “Bicycle Billboard

  1. Pictures, we want pictures!!!!!!

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