happy people don’t watch tv

Today’s “grand blanket statement of correlation” seen in the NY Times is that a consistent difference between self-described “happy” and “unhappy” people is that the unhappy ones watch more television, and the unhappiest ones watch the most.

It was duly noted that the factor contributing most to watching lots of television is not having a job… so there might be lots more tv watching in the future…

Yesterday was a 3-toot day.  9 o’clock arrival so more traffic, including a scurrying squirrelly pedestrian whose path probably wouldn’t have crossed mine, but she certainly didn’t so much as look down my side of the road.  She was probably listening hard, especially since she just about jumped out of her skin at the air horn tapped five or six feet from her. Then, approaching Mattis on Church a car was backing out and I thought, “even if she doesn’t see me, there’s another car coming, too” but toodled anyway on general principle.  At the light, I looked back at the van (“Slam 5” on the vanity tags – um, yes, I think that’s what made me decide to toot anyway… something about the instant image it created) and she rolled down the window and I saw a tiny hand waving in the back seat… and she said somethign completely unintelligible but seemingly interregatory in a conversational tone.  I said “I just wanted to make sure you knew I was there,” and she much more intelligibly said, “I’m so *glad* you did that! Thank you!”  with an emphatic gesture, as the light turned green.

The third toot was returning on university – driver simply deciding that I wasn’t there after stopping at the stop sign and proceeding across University in what would have been my path.  My candy canes weren’t on, so I didn’t have side lights, and I wonder if that was a factor.

Then it was the CCB meeting, with an LIB conference call in between.  It was sweet to be able to step outside, pull up the email with the phone number and click to call.   More on that later…

19 degrees this a.m. so I did All Four Layers.  (Tights, ‘base layer,’ sweats and the smart-tex pants on the bottom, ‘base layer,’ fleece top, jacket and jacket on top; balaclava and hat under the helmet… and real socks under the squall shoes.)  Chilly digits for a little while but they got toasty.  Saw not a single cyclist (but it’s the early arrival, so there are generally fewer) but there was one completely headbare, relatively scantily-clad soul skateboarding down the middle of Race Street.  I have no idea.

Oh, and yesterday, for the third time, I went out to the bike to discover it was unfettered but undisturbed.  My keys and the lock were sitting in the bag, neglected.  Weekend goal:  get the stuff of life in its correct cubicles so that I forget less stuff 🙂


One response to “happy people don’t watch tv

  1. I don’t watch TV. My quality free time is spent clicking and commenting on blogs.

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