Marketing 101

Some people might think that Xtracycles are catching on because of changes in the economy and people’s attitudes towards cycling.  I propose that it is because they have *finally* taken my advice and improved their website 🙂   Today somebody asked about what kind of bike I rode to school and … welp, I had taken to googling Xtracycle images and showing them the picture of me that comes up fairly quickly, because the Xtracycle site, for years, had a lovely picture of… its inventors, standing there, with a lot of text talking about “you’re a ductape kind of guy…”

I really did email them occasionally about the matter.  Welp, now, they really do address the shopper. They say the stuff *I* say to people who are inquiring, and of course, I’m an expert 😛 Most importantly, they actually have a picture on the home page, front and center, of their product in use.

There’s still the culture gap problem.  I had some metamorphosizing to perform to understand the idea that not being able to take it off was a good thing,  because when you make that transformation to “the bike is how I get around,” you really do want to be able to carry stuff *whenever,* because unlike before the morphing, you really do ride the bike *whenever,* not just when you’ve planned and considered and decided that yes, you can do it.  And, conversely, it’s the Xtracycle that enables you to do that; you don’t *need* to plan and strategize as much.  Because you’ve been able to use it more, you ride more, so getting ready isn’t “planning,” it’s routine.

3 responses to “Marketing 101

  1. Did the xtracycle people get back to you on your emails? They watch Twitter pretty closely..

  2. Carrie at Xtracycle

    We indeed watch Twitter closely, as well as other corners of the web! We’re working on the website, even as we speak, and are coming up with ever better (hopefully) ways of showing people just how an Xtracycle works and what you can do with one. Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Wow Sioux, your following grows by leaps and bounces! 🙂

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