Flurries :)

I purposely went fewer layers this morning, and found I had more energy.  Being bundled makes one more prone to want to huddle (it’s harder to move, for starters).

Actually saw WKG 44 going out to his car… he’s not that youthful a male after all (not old, mind you, but not a teenager).  I gave him a nod and a grin and he acknowledged me… as one would who figured he didn’t wnat to be rude.

I then proceeded to be all kinds of assertive in lane position as I spotted a Saturn approaching with less “lean to the left” than the usual early move-over that I see… and (probably as a result) that car nicely went around me, but it wasnt’ him.  ( parked cars prevented me from chickening out and moving over … tho’ I prob’ly wouldn’t have.)  Same thing when it *was* him, though he took even longer to move over.  He made it through the light, and I didn’t.

There’s too much slang in the world.  NY Times headline:  “If Detroit Falls, Foreign Makers Could Be Buffer”  – I’m afraid I interpreted that as healthier, sexier… but the  text beneath says “Experts say the foreign carmakers could take control of the industry and its supplier network more quickly than is understood.”  Oh, yea, a *buffer,* as in a mitigator of drastic change…

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