Cranksgiving, yea :)

I was number 28 to register for “cranksgiving.”   I was curious about just what scavenger hunts entailed, and could see the appeal for ‘commuter type’ cyclists, even ones who aren’t guerrilla types (but especially those who are).  The area was split into four zones, and we had to go to one of the stores in each zone, get something for the food bank from the shopping list, and bring it back with receipts.  We had a good 16 miles of riding because the zones covered C-U.  I rode with Fred and Helen and Sonny and we weren’t going for speed at all.

We got back in oh, 3 1/2 hours with lots of stuff (an Xtracycle is a good thing on these :)) and added our stuff to the well-stacked table.  There was a sprint contest and then the bikes came inside for assorted little handling contests.  My competitive vein was activated a little by the track stand contest once it was obvious it required quad muscles – but it would seem it would also require a fixie to really have fun with it, and I’m not ready to go there.

Was it anthropology or sociology that I was pondering, wondering about the “urban cycling culture”?    I don’t know if they all had fixies; perhaps fixies are the coalescing force that let “around town” cyclists find each other, since their interests are significantly different from touring riders… where do advocacy and/or critical mass fit in the mix?  Most importantly, what role  hats with ear flaps hats play?  I ordered mine ’cause I thought it was cute… what cultural message is it sending? I *did* think it was an anomaly, but now I realize it’s fashionable for somebody.  I wonder if the makers of the hats know who they are being sold to. The fact that I first called them tassled… then googled “ear flap hats” and found them… says they have  a niche, albeit perhaps fleeting.

Oh, my…. This picture makes me, honestly, want to take up knitting (which I did as a youth to reduce times sent to the office for misbehaving).

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