Ginkgo Biloba

Sunday night they shrugged off tons of leaves.  A car under one on the way in was dumped upon.  Wish I’d had time to stop for a picture, but I’ve been in an odd phase of lousy time management that will hopefully pass. Maybe I need a good hard ride to get the ions aligned – so Saturday morning, when there is a chance of snow and 25 mile an hour winds and generally heinous weather, I will get out for at least a mini- workout and ride myself into a wheezing, wet frenzy… then figure out how to get the Gazelle to the bike coop to get it ready for winter.

Yea, ginkgo biloba – a “living fossil,” a non-flowering tree.  Still does that amazing photosynthesis thing.

One response to “Ginkgo Biloba

  1. I think your brother married you because I sure don’t have any time management skills. My sympathies but at least you got revenge!

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