bike rack design

Once again, I cycled past whatever it is they call the rec center with the benches and lousy bike parking. There are never people sitting on those benches; there are always bicycles locked to either end.

They’re not benches, actually, but just poorly designed bike racks. If they were half the size and with a break in the middle, people could sit in them still and then twice as many bikes could be locked there.  I just wonder when somebody will come along with a welding torch or something and make it so people can lock their bikes to the middle better.

Gas 199.99 and Christmas stuff out and about at the stores.  Tomorrow I am going to do my dangdest to listen to Mary Cliff on the radidio – yea, the Internet at the bike coop doesn’t do Google but hoepfully it can do WAMU. . What have I been thinking?

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