Lightupyourride contest

Unintended consequences:  words strung together with no spaces are ever so much more common.

Note to self:  rememebr to do this… can’t say that the pants really appeal to me, and I wouldn’t expect to win prizes ’cause I stick blinkies places and don’t build things a la “instructables” (tho’ the steel plate Scot put on the back of the Xtra to hold the Mega Blinky woudl count).     I like that stuff *I* consider meritorious is considered contest-worthy 🙂

Gas close to two bucks a gallon.

Earworm of the day:  “Comfort, comfort O my people.”  ‘Tis an advent, of sorts, I hope.

One response to “Lightupyourride contest

  1. Heh, one of the entries is for a turn signal 🙂

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