Orange it is

I always knew I was a trendsetter (<small>not!)</small>) … but I got this orange jacket after getting 8 pairs of orange socks (cheap because they were… orange…) … which inspired me to decide to have an orange phase and get the orange shoes instead of the blue ones…

Seems I”m not alone – Trek agrees 🙂

Shockingly beautiful day; going to hit 70 I think.  “Light and variable winds.”  Indeed.  Why did I do 200KM las week?  Were I an organized soul I’d have been able to squander the hours to do it again today, and have October *and* November’s “12 months of 200KMs” knocked off.  Where’s the challenge in that, though?  And I want to do the bike coop thing… and the ride to HOmer Lake was scrmptious.

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