Fast commute :)

Late start… but not so late that I didn’t try to catch up, and I did, with a lot of help from traffic.  8:00 arrival days are easier.

Tooted at teh backhoe boys again, but again, it was early so they weren’t really digging yet. any luck they’ll be done soon.

Yesterday I was like a driver, and not in a good way. Made the right from Peabody to oh, Gregory? and a cyclist was coming at me on the crosswalk – definitely his right of way, even if it is Against Expectations to have oncoming traffic to my right.  He dodged me… and I didn’t even think fast enough to say “my bad.”  It wasn’t a close call, and yes, it reinforces the validity of the inherent problems of riding against the direction of traffic period… but note to self: ya gotta keep your eyes open.  Those gorillas are *always* sneaking across the basketball courts…

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