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From Lucas Thompson – remember I posted a food contribution scavenger hunt… and said I could get into that? Welp, it’s happening here 🙂 🙂 Okay, Xtracycle isn’t a sponsor… but other folks are and it’s got live music, dudes!

On Sunday Novermber 16th there is going to be a scavenger hunt/alleycat fund raiser that will benefit the Eastern Illinois Food Bank. This event will both start and end at the Bike Co-Op and afterwards there will be a show at the IMC main space with live music(World’s First Flying Machine will be playing). The entry fee will be used as you ride your bike to a number of grocery stores scattered throughout the Chamabana area and buy food items that will subsequently be donated to the food bank.
This will happen regardless of weather so come prepared. You will need Money, a bike, a lock, a bag (to carry food), and lastly helmets and lights are strongly encouraged. There will be prizes but they will not be strictly determined by the fastest person and there will be plenty of bonus prizes for those that go above and beyond the minimum food amount.

Think I’ll go!

See the blog at

One response to “Cranksgiving

  1. The boy scout food drive is this Saturday. I hear they park a semi-tractor trailer at the church and fill it up.

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