Those anarchist cyclists

… I was feeling in solidarity with ’em today.

Yesterday the backhoe on White just before first was just minding its own digging business, tho’ its back end was jutting into the road, and I was a tad nervous. The whole construction crew was acting as if they were on private property, not an open road.

Today, as I approached, it was much the same, *and* the backhoe  was crossing back and forth and throwing that huge shovel around while another truck moved around on White… as in, a street open for traffic.  No cones, no people looking for traffic, nuthin.  There was also a lot of disruption of the ground and who knows what, that meant ducking to the sidewalk might or might not be a safe option.

I’m afraid I simply called out to the air about the lack of communication – oh, the *bus* merited a guy hollering to the backhoe to hold off for a few seconds (as in hollering, not using some kind of anticipated communication, not acting as if anybody *expected* traffic on, you know, a road).

Dudes.  If we’re supposed to figure things out for ourselves, then kindly don’t get all annoyed if cyclists… figure things out for ourselves.  I did use the sidewalk.  I d on’t know what theassorted cyclists Is aw approaching did.

Tomorrow, though, is another day.  I think I shall inflate my horn.  I think I shall stop and toot that thing like unto a backhoe backing up and call out in my best Monty Python:  “Good day, kind sirs!  Do you mind if I traverse what I had obviously confused with a public roadway??? I do hope you shall be mindful of the safety of others…”

Snork…  then I shall be sounding much as that fellow on the underpass not a quarter mile from that spot whereupon the fellow greeted me with “thank you for your kindness and courtesy” comments…

I was even donning my new funky tasselled hat with the looong scarf ends attached – beanie sticking out of the top of the helmet, scarfy things gaily flailing.   Tomorrow, dudes, I’ll do my best to look… oh, I haven’t decided 😉  It is getting on towards teh Costume Day.  I’d just rather not have to consider how close it is to the Day of the Dead.

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