I was reading over at Cycle-licious about the “bike design for the masses” competition, which seems to me to be one of those “we don’t think it’s worth having this professionally done, so we’ll ask the amateurs” ploys.  A person could win a free Cannondale bicycle (tho’ if I’m remembering right, not one “for the masses,” since I remember from a down-time extensive-surf last winter that their website gave strong preference to fast road bikes – I was checking to see if Trek’s “Women who Ride” was an industry trend).

I tried a little brainstorming, and the following comment just sort of happened:
I want “OnStar” for my bicycle. Just like those ads, I want my wristband to tell me “Your bicycle has just been moved, and you have it in ‘park’ status. Would you like ONStar to activate the Stinky Squirtseat now?” at which point the seat would spew the contents of the little optional bag for riders who have issues with bladder control upon sudden stops.

Hey, we *have* the technology.

Oh, and from the comments over there (from “jack” who posted as anonymous) – a warning label for cars:

“As the licensed owner of this vehicle, I’m fully aware that driving such causes air pollution, noise, traffic and increases the likelihood of injuries to others, possibly death and property destruction. In addition, many of the dollars spent to propel this vehicle will be used by terrorist organizations with stated desires to inflict harm and possibly death to my fellow citizens and family members.”


2 responses to “OnStar

  1. “seems to me to be one of those ‘we don’t think it’s worth having this professionally done, so we’ll ask the amateurs’ ploys”

    Huh? Not sure I get that. Nothing on my blog is professionally done. Like most other bloggers, I am just an individual blogging about something that interests me.

    The point of my competition is just to get people thinking about new ideas. I asked someone at Cannondale to kick in a prize and he agreed to donate one. Where exactly is the “ploy” in that.

  2. Operative word: “seems.”
    I apologize for not being able to read between the lines.
    I thought this would be a bicycle that might actually happen (based on the attention to detail of the contest) and perhaps be produced and marketed. That would be something “professional.” I only occasionally drop by your blog so I was interpreting the information as it stood alone.
    I’ve been consistently disappointed in design ventures by individuals (in just about anything, not just bicycles), so it woudl be awesome of people could work together . I think this is one of the best things about the Xtracycle – all kinds of wrinkles have already been worked out … which IMO could be the kind of creature to get the non-rider going.

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