12 hours on the bike …

… not counting a few pauses for nourishment.

202 KM, roughly – just because! Set the alarm for 4:30, which meant I slept lightly and woke up at 1 and salted my itchy throat, at 3:00 and then at 5:15, *knowing* more than an hour had passed… ’cause I;d unset the alarm when I was setting it.

Still, out by six, tolono by 7. Sadorus just after 7:30, and then TAILWINDS.

What unjustifiably popular poet coined the phrase “break of dawn?” It doesn’t break. It warms up slowly… oh, I guess if it weren’t so cloudy, that sun just *might* break over the horizon like unto a chick peckin’ out of its egg. This morning, the ceiling was so low that I could see the bounce back light against the clouds from any farmer who’d left the bathroom light on.

Equipment worked: The huge amber blinkie’s magnet held it on, with a little help from elastic shoe laces.  The laces didn’t crawl down, which is how the other magnet light kept losing its grip.

Then out on the Trek ’cause the sun is up to Meadowbrook at 9, where there were a good dozen or more Fast Dudes. Happily, Don was there from the Saunter group too 🙂 We went to Tolono into the wind… out to DUncan… and sailed back. Went a little further east to make a metric ’cause I told Don I wanted to do “at least a metric.”

Went home and scarfed a few bites of the veggie sandwich in the baggie that was very, very wet. I was hungry 🙂

Back out with the goal of 100 miles: 38 to go. Wind is from the west. I considered Pesotum… Philo… went South and then East on 1200 all the way to 600, and ducked west South of TOlono… got to 19 miles *somewhere* west of Sadorus and turned around and SAILED back becasue yea, the winds were steady and strong from the SW.

It was so easy that I decided to at least curl around for an extra five – so that if HOward does 100 miles I’ll have done 5 more 🙂 – and the headwind made me decide  to just turn back and be happy with 102, but there was this harvesting at the turnaround point and you don’t want to *turn around* in FRONT of somebody so I did the whole five miles.  I was still hungry.  (I’d also had a king size PayDay bar… but I don’t eat much when I’m riding.)

I decided to swing by the new Meijer, since I haven’t darkened its doors.  Duly noted that the bikes using the “wave” bike parking were parked perpendicularly to how the design would have indicated… but, of course, the design doens’t actually *work* but so well.  I’d heard Meijer had PowerBars, making it a better store than WalMart.  Went in and the first aisle had “sports nutrition,” but no PowerBars… but there was gel.  Grabbed a strawberry banana with caffeine and a bag of combos and failed miserably at the automatic checkout. The dang thing had wanted me to put my stuff in a bag.  I deserted it and got in the human line, hearing the machine repeat “put your stuff in the bag” every 8 seconds, and hoped the human on board over there didn’t feel compelled to seek out and remonstrate the helmeted lady…

I must say that it lived up to its claim of “instant energy.”   By the time I got to McHenry and Anderson – less than half a mile away – I was full of vim. I just kept going west on McHenry… and back Out, and gosh I was going by the harvesting again and doing *another* five mile loop that had taken me ten miles to get there.

SO… by the time I got home I had, somehow, done 125 miles. 200K 🙂

*And* then out to the porch to log miles… and shiver… and go back inside –  turn the heat up to 64 ’cause I realized chill would be the hazard … but I got warmed up so that the return trip to blog wasn’t deep.

Time to find the covers …

One response to “12 hours on the bike …

  1. Sounds like one of those ideal days…except for the INTO the wind part!

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