Richmond Area Bicycling Association

A group of us were chatting about current travails in our bike club, and it inspired me to drop in at the website of the club that got me hooked on cycling (tho’ nto at anything like the level of addiction you get in the flatlands 😉 ) .  I specifically wanted to read about what they do for beginner level riders… for starters, they actually had stuff at a monthly gathering for  education – *and* they have “new riders” and a separate “beginner rider” category.  New riders had sessions about basic equipment; beginner riders about stuff like pacelines. Then I checked the weekly ride descriptions and got a bit of a snicker – go to and scroll down to the “unemployed cyclists” ride.

So, of course, part of me is saying “we don’t have the collective energy to do that stuff *and* they’er a bigger club,” but… I am going to ponder the matter.  Okay, I’m going to actually try to… naw, I can’t quite put it into print yet 🙂

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