Headwind in :)

The *plan* was to get here in time to duck over to the open computer labs and set up working on my website there (the glory of thumb drives 🙂 ).   I did, theoretically, but the fact is that by the time I got changed (yes, a freshly unwrapped plastic fork *can* be used in lieu of a comb, which I am sure I will find soon, but I want less hair), it was time to be available for questions.  However, there is that lunch hour concept.

Hauling into the headwind for those last *two* miles was a tad tedious, making me wonder about hubs and brakes and the stuff that I got fixed on the Dahon at the Bike Coop.  So, not this Saturday but the next I will expose its underneaths and see waht can be cleaned and whatevered.

Perhaps I shall do so this Saturday.  It’s supposed to start raining tongiht and not stop ’til about Sunday, so tomorrow I should get a sense for what those Smart-Tex pants feel like riding.  I *like* drizzle and 40 degrees. A century therein would be amusing – and I wouldn’t even have to consider the benefits of looping back to Meadowbrook to be present at the show and go ride, because generally if it’s 40-something degrees and raining, people don’t come.  (Yes, Frank, your birthday ride was the exception – to Mahomet into 25 mph winds and a driving drizzle… 40 magnificent miles with Don and Ann and Nancy and you and I, and maybe more!)

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