Speaking of license plates

Maybe your name (or your girlfriend’s name) is Ashley.

I still wouldn’t drive around with 2 ASHLE on my front and back end, especially when I’m in a pickup truck. (I suspect whole language is the culprit :p )

2 responses to “Speaking of license plates

  1. Oooh, yeah. That’s a bad one.

    I wonder if BSNYC has covered that “bike boa bandit” thing yet.

  2. To digress just a bit… as I’ve ridden to and fro, I’ve noticed a couple of optional “accessory packages” on motor vehicles that have given me pause to ponder.

    I’ve seen several Toyotas with the “Toyota Racing Development” package. You can tell ’em because they have – in great big letters – “TRD.” How do you say that? Just wonderin.’

    Also, I’ve seen a couple big General Motors SUVs with the “SLT” package. I’m not sure what “SLT” stands for, but I wouldn’t want my wife or daughter driving a vehicle that says “SLT” on the side… know what I mean?


    Have a great day!

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