nippy day!

Fall got here last night. Those cannondale gloves are somewhere so I stuck on the blue mitt on the left hadn and the orange glove on the right hand. I successfully remembered to bring the light balaclava home, and located it this a.m. … but then it landed somewhere else, so I put on the warmer fuzzier one.

My body was like unto a pot with the lid on. I left at 7:32 so I knew I had to cook a bit, especially with the wind against me… the furnace kicked in just as I got to Race and Windsor and by two miles later my hands and head were hot, hot, hot. That little wrap-around thing is going to be awesome, even if it doesn’t do the nose or face.

No conflicts… no excitement 🙂 I did have to wind down from the endorphination to talk math.

One response to “nippy day!

  1. Finally subscribed to your new blog. I need to dig my cooler weather gloves out. Wish I knew where I stashed them..

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