Damp Day

Of *course* it did no more than drizzle on me.

I think I’ve bonded with the drain at… oh, I forget the intersection a couple blocks south of me.  I went out after a deluge last month (or the month before?) and saw assorted older folks clearing debris from the storm drains… and found one of my own.  It’s gratifying to see that what was a deep, wheel-drenching backup puddle has been freed to flow gaily down the drain!  I unleashed my own personal impact on the world!  Today’s rain that ended right before I went home sent lots of leaves into piles and, surely enough, that same puddle was there and I liberated it!  No more droplets massed in anonymous sameness.  Their flowing force has been unleashed!

Those “Smart-Tek” pants that said they retailed for $199.99 at Sierra Trading Post that their email said I could have for $7.95 and shipping – came to less than $20 ’cause I ordered two pair – arrived. I figured the price was a: a mistake, b: they were seconds, c: they were really cheap poncho-like pants.

Looks like “a” since the receipt had the “price” at $49.99 – the kind of markdown they usually have, and I might have gotten them at that price – but I was billed at the stated 96% off price.

Far as I can tell – in the drizzle that did fall – they really are a good imitation of Gore-tex, and they’re designed for cycling.  Back goes up high – say no to crack! – and the ankles have reflective piping and velcro to skinnify them, *and* there isn’t a mess of extra stuff down there as if to go over boots and keep snow out.

I’m ready for WEATHER 😀 😀


4 responses to “Damp Day

  1. Wow! What a trooper! You are motivating me to get my winter gear out!
    Truly 96% off! What a deal. Sweet!
    Have fun!

  2. That was an incredible buy! Pansy would be proud?!! Thankyou for releaving some of the “pressure” on our world.

  3. “No more droplets massed in anonymous sameness.” Wonderful! You do produce a truly poetic turn of phrase on occasion.

    Congratulations on the alert pants buy!

  4. BalticTiger, who once worked for Sierra Trading Post as an ad writer (similar to Elaine on Seinfeld), says that happened at STP many times when she worked there. And that since they are all about selling over the internet, they honor incorrect prices listed on the internet, even if they show a 96% discount instead of a 75% discount. Good catch, and way to multiply your luck by buying two pair.

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