“End of Season” Ride

It’s warm and toasty and we cruised out to Homer Lake ’til the pirate bugs (read it!) got too much, as they are doing now on my porch.

No cycling politics happened, except the shifting of the date of the next board meeting to 11/9, which is a day I can be tehre 🙂

Current Mileage: H-7. Just might have to sneak out and take care of that.

I had decided I shouldn’t use my Discover Card for enough of a spell to make sure I was back in the “paid off – grace perios – no finance charges” realm, instead of the 29% range that I realized I get charged I generally pay the bad boy off, but the roof and storm doors would have meant juggling and, um, paying attention. Welp, I’m paying attention instead 🙂

Dagnab it, Sieera Trading Post’s “Deal of the day” has waterproof pants for $6.95 – regular $199.95.

Yea, I”m wondering what the catch is… and figuring I may be returning them … but I ordered two pair. THey are even “reflective” and seem to be more lightweight than the usual skiing stuff that has all kinds of extra folderol (firefox says that isn’t spelled right but doesn’t offer anything better) at the ankles, just where a cyclist does NOT need it.

Time to tackle those little THINGS … oh, like shopping.

Update:  Curious, so I went to Sierra T.P. and checked, and they’ve got those pants listed for $49 – and only S and XS are left.  I didn’t get told “there aren’t any more, sorry” or another excuse for not actually selling at the probably-a-mistake price, but that could happen Tuesday (tomorrow bein’ a holiday).

2 responses to ““End of Season” Ride

  1. My wife and I stopped at the park in Sadorus last Friday for a rest coming back home from Walnut Point State Park, and found out just how much those pirate bugs like hi-vis yellow. About 50+ of those things decided I was a banquet. I guess there are times it’s not good to be the brightest colored thing around!

  2. Yikes! We don’t have any of those, but this time of year the Japanese beetles infiltrate our homes. Stinky little creatures, but they look like Ladybugs. If you accidently swallow one (don’t ask) you will blow chunks quite explosively!!!

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