Sweet Saunters

It’s sunny and in the seventies – and hardly any wind!  7 of us on the Saunter – including Va…??? alas, the Polish name has escaped me … who came to ride with us because the faster group discouraged him from riding with them (coulda been the Raleigh 10-speed and the braces on his knees), and two others *from* the faster group who, I guess, wanted to take it easy.  The three of them rather took off the front 🙂 It did make for poetic statements about assumptions and discouraging people.

Those behind discussed the assorted politics … mostly our own.

I psyched myself up for the organizaitonal challenges to come… and then discovered that well, wallet & phone & fanny pack were *not* where I thought they were, and I haven’t been anywhere.  Still have my Fenix flashlight… I went out and checked the bush I’d ducked behind to adjust a wardrobe malfunction last night but no joy.  Will check the Iron Post when it opens at 5:00 … but I am purty shore… except that hte sureness is because I know I used my light to flag Margie down and … I sitll have the light.  But, i want the “Sue Jones – HERS” tag.

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