WKG 44

… buzzed by me again – yea, it was wkg as in working too hard to look.
Considered assorted actions, and had the light not turned I just might have had words with him, asking if he knew how close he was coming.
I think I shall have my camera at the ready next time, and make sure he perceives that he’s being recorded.

2 responses to “WKG 44

  1. What do the police do when someone waves a gun around in a threatening manner, they arrest them even if they say “but I didn’t know I was waving my gun around…” What should they do when someone threatens to kill you with a car? sorry, can’t do anything fer ya unless they actually hit you, then we can help.

  2. Yea… even if you aren’t *pointing* the gun at somebody it’s considered a threat if you’re just not handling it responsibly.
    and how much do they help when you’re hit?

    “I just didn’t see her!”
    Or, in Ms. Stark’s case, a fine for improper lane usage…

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