All those interbike blogs

Got my RBR e-mail, which is always a fun read. These guys talk biking every Thursday, with the scoop on the racers and, this week, Interbike. I scanned it, and thought to myself, “Wow! The first write-up of Interbike that didn’t go ga-ga over Xtraycyles!”
… then, said to self, “Road Bike Riders” – defined as people who ride road bikes recreationally, with a focus on athletic achievement, who stuck to that topic. Their English teachers may be smiling.

The nice tape arrows to get people through town for the Lincoln ride are still beautiful and clear. If you’re not sure how to get from East to West from Main Street, head out and follow the yellow arrows!

Rode in from Old CHurch but wasn’t making the sub-four-minute miles necessary for the full long way, so I cut in at Duncan instead. I suppose the slight headwind and bein’ on the Xtra was slowing me down, but I know last week I was cranking. (I did remember to turn off the generator light so that wasn’t slowing me down 😉 ) I opted for slightly early arrival so I could have a *chance* of sending out the bike newsletter and amazingly, it was QUIET in here and I could.

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