Another first

Yesterday whilst waiting to cross Mattis on Church, a cyclist on a NEXT bike traveled N-bound on the Mattis sidewalk, doin’ a nice mountain-bikey swish with his tires to get that angle thing on the other side ’cause he was riding peppily.

My light turned green and I proceeded… and when I got to Bradley I saw the same guy, still on the sidewalk, heading towards Parkland. Welp, that’s where I, too, hop the sidewalk so I did, and behind his quickly revolving ankles, on that big-tired example of pathetic engineering, I started gaining. I got off the pedals ’cause I’m like, not into passing on sidewalks… but I was still gaining.

He pulled over onto the grass (yea, I *could* have done that but I have an unfounded fear of off-roading) and rode off-road to let me by. Mountain bikers rule 🙂

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