Can Crunch

Out at 5:50 on the Xtracycle… yea, last week I did the “extra” miles on the fast bike, but if I’m going to go long Saturday, I want to do the “heavy bike training” beforehand. Decided to “risk” going down to Philo simply because on Saturday’s ride there must have been a million aluminum cans on that one mile just south of the busy slab. “Risk” being if there’s a flat tire, I’d be far away from home (8 miles)so I couldn’t cut the trip short. Mitigated risk by riding fast 🙂 Still snatched 14 cans from the road… stopped at 6:50 and turned around at 10.5 miles out (where the canny road meets teh busy N-S road by Philo – 130 I think).
Ed Kieser has said this week will be “bone dry” (and also gave the kind of detail that helped me be prepared for pockets of fog out there, and just a little bit of wind). Snork 🙂 Hoping that’s true for Saturday! Also warned that Monday… FALL will come (tho’ the equinox happened at 10:somethign ) with a CHILLY front. Okay, will find gloves and prepare layers.
Many, many cyclists riding in. Had enough time to cut in the back way… retrieved seat and bag from LBS at lunch time and would have taken an extra lap ‘cept it was 2:50, as in a Class Exit Time. Time for one lap right now, tho’, before Chorus 🙂
Mixed motivations for Saturday’s ride… want to see if I can plan as the fearless dude who did Hoodoo500 Solo, No Support (519 miles, thank you!?!?) said… which is to say to set things up so that when you get totally fried you can go on auto pilot and follow your own directions and get through without hurting yoruself. I also want to, practically speaking, bring stuff so that I can use that time and come out at the end knowing the Rutter Gloria Alto Part. Shouldn’t take too much technology: MP3 and the music in teh map holder. Not sure I can do both planning *and* figuring out technology, though 🙂
Seemed to be an inordinate number of fuzzy faced riders today. I *like* fuzzy faces 🙂

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