“detachable” Xtra?

   I don’t think so… but this guy’s blog is one where a persn would have to log in to comment. http://visforvoltage.org/blog/reikiman/4852 

    He was suggesting cycling and Amtrak, and noting that Amtrak has a max length of 80″ for bicycles, and said there was a detachable version of the Xtracycle… but I suspect not from a knowledge base. 

  Much nicer weather today than last Sunday 🙂  Grey… but the “barely grey” in the sky that has the sun still casting blurred shadows, not an oppressive gloom.  It’s September, tho’, when such days come between bright and blue, and that’s the forecast for prety much the whole upcoming week.  

   Will hindsight make it look like I missed history happening?  That economy stuff is starting to get into *everybody’s* chatter.  Last night I mispunched the remote and got 46 instead of 45 – so instead of the Weather Channel, I tuned into Suze Orman doing an apparent special pre-show sermon.  Now, perhaps that’s the regular form, but she was exhorting the masses not to make a run on the banks and try to keep their money in their houses, since, logically, if the house burns down or you get robbed, you’re hosed and in the bank your money’s probably FDIC insured and there was a website to go check if you weren’t sure.   I watched the whole show and it gave me pleasure that at least one flavor of “live drama talk show” has a serious … dare I say anti-consumerist theme?    As in… no, looking pretty is *not* as important as being financially sound…

  Saw an email with a somewhat ancient picture of a guy with a bike trailer that was a sleeping shelter.  So.  How ’bout it, Xtracycle engineers… how about a way of making the snapdeck a fold-out bed?  Time for brainstorming!  Or, could be something for a reg’lar shortbike… haven’t plastics come a long way?  Recycled, perhaps?  Consider an inflatable mattress in there somehow … or, how about making a camper setup where the blender option is used?  So that the back becomes a bar? 


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