Credit crunching…

So, it occurred to me some time ago that I do a fair amount of purchasing locally, such as at Champaign Cycle and that when I make a purchase wiht a credit card, oh, 3% or so gets siphoned off to DiscoverLand even if it doesn’t cost me anything different.  So I started hitting the ATM *especially* for the bigger stuff, including the Dahon. Ya know, that piddling half percent “cash back” doesn’t *really* add up any slower.

So, support your small businesses.  Heck, if it’s some big chain that’s *owned* by the credit card company already, ferget it, but  You do *not* need that showin’ up on the credit card bill anyway.   (Can you tell I’m one of those people who, unless I’ve had to buy a new roof *and* storm doors *and* a dehumidifier the month after two road trips, pays my full balance?)


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