I still want turn signals

Can’t even remember all the details, but yesterday I had another situation where turn signals would have been rather handy.

I tried “tag surfing.” This is dangerous. Most of the surfs connectd to my uncommon tags that are, I suppose, more about what normal people blog about (marketing and dogs, for instance).  Soemtimes you find something that makes you comment, though… oh, hi, Mr. Vitriol…  did you know that multi-use paths really aren’t good for transportational cycling?

I did my Saturday at the Bike Coop today… MUCH less busy than previous Saturdays.  Go figger.

ROde to Philo – Block – Sidney and yippee! Now I know the route numbers!!   I am HOPING next Saturdya the wind will be from the South (or, as it’s been for so long it’s starting to creep me out… Light and Variable…)  ’cause I’m dreaming up a Broadlands Brevet… goin’ to … oh, do that other map first, the one for the Lincoln Circuit ride (which, Mr. VItriol, we’ve routed around the busier roads you might be traveling on… but when I’ve gotta get to work, yea, I’m gonna be on a 35 mph road, not going 35 … and what makes you feel so “entitled” as to keep me from using roads that I, too, pay taxes to have built?  I apologize for any jerks out there – there are jerks who do everything including ride bicycles – but I’m afraid it seems you lump anybody who inconveniences you with their existence, no matter how briefly, in that category and it rather invalidates the rest of your rant.)


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