I want turn signals :)

GOin’ down John, getting across Prospect. LEft at 5:00 so there’s genuine traffic.
Car to my left going to turn left… I’m in my spot (I got there first; he pulled up beside me) kinda out in the lane so that a right-turner could get get by, too.
As a window of opportunity opens up, there’s a head leanin’ frmo the driver’s side. “You goin’ straight? Just want to be sure.”
Okay, I wouldn’t have “straight” signals, anyway… and if I *were* goin’ left I’d have made sure not to cut in front of him, but if he were going straight it was a *really* nice thing to have thought of. ]

Going to pick up the big red bike and toss the folder on top and trundle both of ’em home.
Sprinted home to beat sunset because somehow, my headlight redundancies were all piled into the red bike… didnt’ even have a front spokelit. Did have a back-of-helmet blinky and a blue backwheel spokelit, but I sprinted home anyway. A youngster on a mountain bike eased by me at an intersection… but he deserved to, since he really could keep ahead of me 🙂 I did maintain behind him, just to keep him honest, and he was flagging before he turned off … and I did remember how silly it looks when commuters are chasin’ each other so I maintained my kewl, nonchalant air.
Got home with hordes of endorphins buzzing in my brain. Got the bills paid and didn’t get the dishes done. Didn’t care one whit that, oh, my mileage tally was lagging for that day.
And ’cause I got to bed early, I rose early and … didn’t do the dishes. Got out early and rode the long way in.
Gotta pick up that bike and… go home and do the dishes. Still warm enough for fruit flies, otherwise. Gotta pluck maters, too…
Oh, and it was a dry day tod ay 🙂 Ed Kieser’s not doin’ the weather at WILL this week, and I do miss that technical talk 😉


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