Bicycle Lifestyle

You know you’ve crossed a threshold when you see a radar gun and your automatic reaction is to speed up 🙂
Had tons of time so I could cruise casually through the 8:30 traffic (and got passed, even).

Saw two other bike commuters and thought about frequent discussions of spontaneous bike-commuter competitions, ’cause both were pedalin’ hard (about 15 yards between them)… it looked pretty silly to the observer, actually 🙂

Almost wondered if Ed Kieser had a google search on his name and read my comments (hence typin’ it in again 😉 ). I do, basically, love WILL’s weather. Today Ed was all over defending yesterday’s drizzle denial, including stating that humidity had nothing to do with whether rain was falling, and I had mentioned humidity. However, I’d said that it was laughable to call a day with 90% humidity a dry day and I will stand by that statement. You walk outside and everything is damp, not dry. Yea, I do realize that it can be horribly humid, and not rain… I wasn’t trying to imply that I thought that the higher humidity meant rain was more likely.

Given the nature of the clouds outside the window and the airport report that it was, in fact, raining I would have considered there might actually be a chance of showers, not asserted repeatedly that it would be a dry day. Indeed, the airport is automated… but so is radar.
He apologized to anybody who went out and got rained on…. welp, I did, but before those assertions anyway 🙂 And since he *does* give us the good details like that the airport said it was raining, and I did see the clouds, I figured he might be wrong and dressed accordingly. Just as you “can’t plow a forecast, honey” I know you can’t dry your clothes in a forecast, either. And… since the a.m. weather was being contrary to indicators, I figured the weather might continue to be recalcitrant … so those little showers later weren’t a real surprise (of course, they didn’t shower on me – I got my 36.5 miles 🙂 ).

One response to “Bicycle Lifestyle

  1. “You know you’ve crossed a threshold when you see a radar gun and your automatic reaction is to speed up”

    I’m glad to note I’m not the only one.

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