Almost There

… they’ve clocked into the penultimate check in that’s only 15 miles from the finish line.

I’m all kinds of inspired to go out and ride and ride and ride … maybe tomorrow…

The rain kindly abated entirely for most of my trip to church, and was just drizzle for the trip back. Pouring in between, of course! Now it’s just high humidity – enough to send the paint from my living room ceiling crashing to the floor from whne the roof leaked before.  Glad that I invested in a new roof and a dehumidifier 🙂 Gotta redd up enough to have a second opinion on humidity bringing paint down.

The other odd physical phenomenon is that there’s water beaded up on the cardboard boxes outside, but *only* on the cellphane tape.  Rain or condensation? It’s on all directions and surfaces.  Fortunately the boxes have plastic water bottles in ’em so I don’t think it matters.

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