Rainy Day

(Of course, it didn’t rain on me riding in, and I expect it will stop for my ride home.)

Found a sample of super germ killing mouthwash Wednesday.  Used it. Used it Thursday. Figured it would help kill bad things.  Today, I have a cold. Perhaps sampling error, or perhaps I shouldn’t have disturbed the flora and fauna balance in the oral cavity.

Decided that for no reason at all I shall get up in the middle of the night Saturday and ride for a while, while the HOodoo 500 is happening.  Holey cow, there are only  two women entered.  I coulda been a contender 🙂  Even as a relay team… oh, yea, a support crew would be handy 🙂


One response to “Rainy Day

  1. Sioux, are you giving up blogging on Blogger entirely? If so I will need to change my link…..
    And, you CAN be a contender in any of your pursuits.
    That’s the way yer wired I’m afraid… 🙂

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