Mojo Returning?

Did an extra spin lap this a.m. too, even a few seconds faster. *almost* had time and togehterness to go the long way in, too, but then had to find stuff liek fliers that I”m gonig to add brochures to the back of today for the Lincoln CircuitRide. So I rode in tryin’ on the “slow & friendly with sprints in between,” especially ’cause Iwas starting just on the hour, and right around the exactitude of the hour there are these micro-rushes in traffic.

At Lincoln & Main there was lots of traffic so I bounded over to grab a can as another cyclist appeared behind. Not only did this dark-glassed fellow not attempt to pass me (which is easy at the beginning when I’m getting my fifty pound bike moving), but he rode so vehicularly that when I stopped andwaited he waited *behind* me, three or four times ’cause he went all the way through campus.  Then I lost him in the intricacies of Neil and Randolph and State, so if he were really a Secret Service agent in training, they’ll dock him some points 🙂

Then a biker was goin’ the other way and soemthing made me grin and *that* made him turn and smile at me  – in that automatic way… but an automatic smile, not an automatic defensive posture.  Is the good karma returning?

Did two laps at school, including approaching geese who were ambling towards the sidewalk.  So, I tooted at them to see if they would move away from the road again (which, this time, would be away from me).  They didn’t *really* seem to notice, but … they slowed down a little, and as I went by unobstructed they paused en masse to look me over in what I am positive was a respectful manner 🙂 🙂 .  (Anthropomorphism, anyone?)


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