Let’s see if this is more fun than Google blogs, which have targeted my little bicycle blog as spam and have taken several weeks to deign to “review” it. Voting with my fingers, as it were, especially since Sir Google would amalgamate data from these blogs, too, so saying bicycle as often as I do will indubitably be recorded in the Great Database.

So far I like it, though this free extra space between paragraphs is an imposition.

Gosh, can I really HTML… HEre we go: my old blog welp, gosh, already two snags, dear Word press. When I go back to “visual,” I can’t end the link! And… is there a preview besides “visual,” where I could *check* said link?

2 responses to “whoopee!

  1. Welcome to the other side… You can click ‘Preview’ on the top R/H side of your dashboard, and test your layout and links.

    BTW you can also import your earlier posts from blogger if you want.

  2. You end the link by clicking the button that looks like a broken chain. If it doesn’t work then there’s something wrong with your browser.

    As for previewing the post- there is a big button that says ‘preview this post’ right next to your post title, above the ‘save’ and ‘publish’ buttons.

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