Nashbar Catalog Statement

Shoo boy, commuters are becoming a market.  Yes, I still need to find that site that lets you say “don’t send me your glossy, dioxin-needed-to-make-’em catalogues,” but in the meantime Nashbar’s catalog has on its front page a panniered *commuter* type on a bike path.  I don’t remember whether the bike had chain guard & fenders or not and no, I don’t expect Nashbar to carry industrial strength turn signals anytime soon…

Need new batteries for my SpokeLit, (which are available in lots of places) which I still like, except for the one that doesnt’ work ’cause the switch is malfunctioning (it only goes on *while* I’m holding it down).  That’s one of those “seven bucks a pop… made where?”  issues.

2 responses to “Nashbar Catalog Statement

  1. Hey thanks for your comment on my site! Nice to know someone is having a looksee. With your SpokeLit, it may have a spring or under the switch or just needs the contacts cleaned. Try an alcohol swab to clean it, you never know. cheers mate

  2. Ah, hadn’t thought of springs… I’ll just have to dive in.

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