Thomasboro bites

Saturday we wanted to avoid game traffic and headwinds home, so we went to Thomasboro. Last time I was out there, I was chomped on by a dog at the house at the corner of Highcross and 2300. This time, when I pulled in to the Casey’s, something got me through my lycra. I’ve got a lovely welt on my upper thigh.
On an unrelated email discussion, somebody mentioned the value of photographing skin reactions to things, to document changes, etc. I was inspired and had the camera with me.
There was a viral email a decade back about “things to do to freak out your co-workers.” Add to the list: Go into a bathroom stall and take flash pictures.
(Don’t have the right cable or I just might post it πŸ˜‰ )

Went in this a.m. via Office Depot and a fella on big tires engaged in a race. I passed him and he stayed just behind… lagged a bit and then surged, giggling audibly, got a little ahead of me and then faded fast, coughing. Okay, we were both trading “woopee!” noises πŸ˜€
On the other hand, the Trek rider I talked to at lunch was struck by a driver on the way in today 😦
The South Route to Parkland:
The North Route, with Roads
An even more North route based on the map and my vague memory that parts of Washington are Brick and a pain, which could be wrong:
(the North route can be taken right on through Main Street, too, through Seibel Hall)


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