poor bicycle riders…

I went into the grocery store for cheese and bagels and noodles …all the cheapest kind 🙂 … and when I asked about my nickel for having my own bag, the checker was abashed and apologetic. I tried to make light of it… told her the truth – it’s my “mad gambling money” and when I get to a dollar, I buy a lottery ticket. She was even *more* apologetic… I didn’t have time to explain that actually, I bought the vending machine lottery tickets, too, not the big ones, because I *don’t* dream of getting millions. I just have fun occasionally scratching off and getting $5.
(I didn’t tell her I did the same with half of my money from the cans I pick up off the road when I’m doing intervals, either 😉 ) I’m due for a trip to the Goat… gonna go for $3.00 in cans in September 🙂

I’m honestly getting pretty tired of this stupid letter crap.

13 responses to “poor bicycle riders…

  1. You’ve found the MONKEY ELECTRIC ALLEYCAT checkpoint. You’re almost done!

    SKills test — ride your bike down Green Street without getting hooked (good luck!), then hop onto the UIUC bike paths on campus. After that, go southwest into Missouri and then to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a visit with Cycle Dog for the next checkpoint.

  2. Is the Alleycat herd thinning? Or just faced with comment fatigue? What’s going on?!

  3. Number 13 negotiated.

    Hi, Sioux!

  4. Check in huff huff….

  5. Anyone have a Gu shot? alleycat checkpoint.

  6. It does seem to be thinning. Or, the others could just have better things to do than chase this crazy guy around the bike net.

    Checked in and rolling on.

  7. Looking for that alley cat named Fritz

  8. Checking in, Hi Sioux.

  9. Alley Cat checking in.

  10. alley cat check in (captinsano443)

  11. feel the burn. alley cat yo.

  12. Checkpoint check-in. howdy!

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