So… I was searching old emails for reference to a specific light, and I’m not finding it yet – but I did find reference to lights on pedals, and the thought that *that* could be a viable turn signal option for those of us with decent fine motor skills. Hmmm… what would be the options for turning the “solid to blinky” switch on?
I think Google’s got somebody who’s not too bright doing the “spamblog” determination – not based on the determination, which is obviously a comptuer algorithm and prone to ordinary bugs… but with the fact that the letter I.D. is significantly and consistently *harder* than most character i.d. tasks. That makes it more annoying – but are spamblogs more clever at fooling those? I don’t think so. So it’s only the bloggers who are being annoyed – bloggers who *shouldn’t* have to type the stupid letters in teh first place. I don’t mind typing ’em where I know everybody has to. WHen I type them where I shouldn’t have to, and then you go out of the way to make it hard… STOOPID.


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