Two notables from yesterday, which was the first day since May riding in for 9:00 arrival:
Not 10, but 22 bicycles seen on the way in to work. A veritable bevy of ’em at the corner of Race & Oregon – three going South, two West.
19 of the 22 were on the street. The last 3 were on Church Street, on the sidewalks; 2 were kids under 15.
Second notable: when I went out to the bike to see if just maybe I’d left some money there, a bike was locked to the tree near the bike rack. There was space on the far right end of the rack, but I suspect that was parked up when the tree-bike-rider arrived. Gotta remember how to ask for a good bike rack for D wing.

Today, only 6 or 7 cyclists (8:00 arrival). Also, the U hasn’t even started yet. (Tomorrow is Move In Day. Oh, dear. Don’t even think of going to Target, dear folks 😉 ) I *did* secure permission and get bike maps in a pocket on a bulletin board here on campus 🙂 (And then go back and retrieve my keys… Kudos to the student life folks who are not just deluged, but dealing with little details like being sent the wrong ID cards, so they get to write them out by hand for students and then print them out and track them down later. Oy. Blessings all over them.)


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