Saw lots of bikes on the way home around 6:00 (got the call from the storm door installing to say they could do it today, which it sounds like the work force is a teeny bit reluctant to have been committed to this long day… door number one is happening. I don’t ahve a door number three for my whole world to be waiting behind, thank you…)
I realized that a rather high majority of the bicycles I saw today were real, honest commuters … and were on the ROAD, not the sidewalk. And most of ’em would be “above average” in Having Learned To Ride on the Roads, including that chick who gave me an “on your left” at the light and then signaled her right turn (’cause it was only ‘caues she didn’t have to stop that she went by, of course šŸ˜‰ ).
Commuter Chase story (while observing a great “say no to crack” demo by the door install guy, but I’m NOT getting the camera out):
I went by Church on Country Fair and some guy on a nice red bike (as in fairly vintage but road) is coming onto the road as I go by so of course I speed up a bit … dang, he’s ‘way back there. But wait! As I coast to the red light at Springfield, he’s gotten lots closer… and goes by the stop line to be further out in the intersection… so I catch myself thinking “oh, you wanna-run-the-red-light guerrilla not-worthy-of-my-attention man, I shall not look at you.”

Then my other voice gave myself the “You Take Yourself Too Seriously” look (yes, a voice can do that), so I made eye contact which inspired the fellow to ask how many speeds I had on that bike (12?) which I “cranked pretty good” (or words to that effect). (First voice says “see? He had to chase you to catch you šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ ) He said his trusty bike really got him around well, too, that he did lots of miles, to Pesotum and Mahomet, etc, and that my bike went pretty fast for its size… so I told him that I had done 10,000 miles last year… he expressed surprise as the light turned green and I said it had taken a lot and I didn’t think it would happen again and he answered “I don’t blame you.” Now, there’s a reply I’ll remember in November, or during the first ice storm šŸ˜‰ And two blocks later Earl’s callin’ out “Hi Sioux Geonz!!” and I think… gosh, Red Bike Guy, if you’d come this way, you’d know I’m a celebrity cyclist šŸ˜€
They have successfully figured out the first door ! Now to the back… wish I’d put some of teh Fat Tire in the Fridge…
I realized that I should get 10 of the bike maps and have ’em on the bicycle ’cause Mr. Red Bike and mebbe those other two folks I chased around would want ’em.
Realized these white doors on a house with white siding… TOO MUCH WHITE. Must find Sharpies šŸ˜€

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  1. Hooterville Mayor

    No problem Sioux, just put some smoke colored vinyl tinting on the glass! Double duty, looks and cooling.

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