Tried the “spokelits” first time.

It was rather difficult to get the red one out of “try me” mode, so it kept going off after X seconds. I *think* I have got it there now, but I”m not sure.

Took a good two *minutes* to install – but only because I had to figure out how to nestle them into those spokes. The’re just wedged in, and it probably *Does* matter whether you get them right or not. I have my special skill for getting things upside down and backwards – but I also know the rules and put them on so that the spokes pushed the little wings one way adn the main spoke the middle was on went the other way. (Picture will come – except alas, my flogging camera seems to be doing like the other one and killing batteries. I changed ’em on Friday’s trip and these are dead already and they’re the ultra-long ‘just for elecronic’ ones.)


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  1. Hooterville Mayor

    Sioux, I had the same problem with my little camera. Could only get about 30 pictures before the batteries died. I now use NiMH rechargables and can get over 100 photos and video. Don’t know how many photos it will take before discharging, ran out of things to pitcherize before that happened, so I recharged them. Love NiMN, no memory charge problems etc……

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