Luxos U — FAIL

Yeaz, it’s been a while since I posted here — I’ve been academically inclined :)
Feel like I need to post a review of my new light setup — especially since, if you’re considering getting one, you should know that essentially: it’s not water-resistant. The directions had assorted dire cautions about the need to make sure you didn’t try to charge a device in the rain, and to make sure the little seal was sealed, but in my very gentle use, there are exposed wires and yes, the first rain I got caught in — despite making sure everything was as sealed as it could get, but not having taken extra steps like putting a plastic bag around it — has rendered the handlebar mount inoperable and if it’s plugged into the light, it’s always draining it.
Except for its total and complete failure, it’s a wonderful product. It was great until it wasn’t.

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